Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Christmas coming so soon???

Even though it's super hot outside and Christmas seems so far away, now is the time to get started on those Christmas projects!  We have a bunch of samples hanging in the store right now from local pattern designer Jan Kornfeind.   Her company is called Country Appliques.   Jan says, "Every person making one of our patterns is really creating a future heirloom. It's important to me that their experience is an enjoyable one and that the outcome of their project is a work they are proud of."  She does wonderful machine applique and her attention to detail is fabulous!  Below are 2 from the Olde Santa Series. 

This is #21 in the series, Santa With His List.  The finished size is 20-3/4" x 26", so it just makes a cute little wall hanging!  Santa checks his list of names, he'll bring gifts to all the good girls and boys on Christmas Eve!

Check out this awesome technique!  She just used a double needle and it gave it a trapunto look.  You should try it, it's so simple but it adds so much!

This is #19 in the series, Santa's Best Friend.  The finished size is 23-1/2" x 26".  Santa welcomes Christmas with a gift for all creatures great and small!

Here is a bit of a closer look, the snowflakes are buttons that she added.  Shes uses them in a lot of her patterns, they are so cute!

Everything you see is available to buy here, including the button kit.  I'll have more from here series coming soon, just in case you want to collect them all!  Just think what a wonderful gift to give for Christmas.  Click here to shop Christmas fabrics!  Get excited, it's coming!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I just finished up the cutest apron! The Emmeline Apron by Sew Liberated was super easy and so much fun to make~ It's totally reversible, so you can pick 2 fabrics that you absolutely love. I chose 2 of my favorite Michael Miller prints, Hedgehog Heaven and Emmaline , not on purpose, that was a happy coincidence!!

To the left you can see it as pictured on the pattern. It's an adult apron, but my daughter loved it so much, I let her be the model! The style is flattering for any size~  I have linked directly to everything above, so if you see something you like, you can get shopping!


Here's another cute apron from the Leanika collection by Dena for Free Spirit. It's a pre-printed panel, so you just cut and sew! Her instructions don't call for a lining, but we added one to make it more sturdy.  Just put your right sides together, sew and turn !

For me, aprons are an instant gratification project, just whip one up and enjoy!  Next week I'm going to show you a super simple apron technique that will have you saying, "Why didn't I think of that!?!"

Monday, July 12, 2010


I absolutely fell in love with this new collection from Windham! Spa by Rosemarie Lavin is fresh and inspiring! The name of the collection is perfect, the colors are so soothing~ I was so excited when I went to Windham's website to check out the free pattern (who doesn't love free???) and saw who designed it. It's Janine and Amy from Blue Underground Studio. Browse their site sometime, they have great taste. We have borrowed lots of their quilts to hang in our shop over the last couple of years. Their patterns are awesome and super easy! You can get started today, click here to shop!

You can download the pattern here, isn't it great?

Here you can see them all lined up!

Here they are on the shelf next to Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadow, they are perfect together! Looks bold in the picture, but the greens are almost exactly the same, so you could easily mix and match and throw in a bit of color. I especially love the navy!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Quick Project!

For a quick, easy project to bring new life to any room in your house, stretch fabric over an artist's canvas!

Step 1: Pick out your favorite fabrics, large prints are perfect on a large canvas! I chose 3 of my favorites from Laura Gunn's latest line for Michael Miller, Poppy. It's perfect because the fabric itself looks like a painting! Run to your local craft store and pick up the canvases and a pack of thumb tacks. I got a 36"x24", a 28"x22" and a 20"x16".

Step 2: Iron out all of the wrinkles with your steam iron and then lay the fabric out flat on a large surface. Trim your fabric to the right size, about 5" bigger all the way around your canvas.

Step 3: Bring up the top edge first and tack it into place. Next do the bottom edge, tugging it so that it stretches tight and tack it into place. Next do the sides and fold your corners nicely.

Step 4: Tuck your messy edges in so the back looks neat, now flip it over and see your creation!

You're ready to hang, with very little time spent!

I hope this has inspired you and you have a great day!!