Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Meet Freddie's Friends!

  Come and meet Freddie's Friends!  We fell in love with these adorable creatures at Quilt Market and the designer of the patterns was nice enough to make these samples for us.  Her name is Ingrid and she was a sweet as can be.  So, we left market really excited about the arrival of our new friends and they came yesterday!  They are already hanging in the store, a super cute addition to our children's section.  Drop in a take a look, you'll definitely be inspired!

All of them are sewn with raw edges which makes it easy and adds to the overall cuteness~  She matches the thread for the pupils and whites of the eyes, but that's pretty much it.  She suggests and neutral color so that you're not wasting time changing thread. 

Olive is simply charming (and has already been claimed by my daughter :o)!  She measures 11" x 5" x 16" and most of the fabric came from the Bella Butterfly Collection by Michael Miller.

Gabby wants to make an appearance at your Thanksgiving dinner this year!  She measures 18" x 4" x 19" and most of the fabric came from the Daydream Collection by Riley Blake.

Scotty can't wait to go to the beach with your little guy!  He measures 18" x 4" x 13" and most of the fabric came from the the Mod Tod Collection by Riley Blake.

Bonnie is ready to flutter into your little girl's life!  She measures 18" x 4" x 15" and most of the fabrics came from the

Make one for a loved one or make it for yourself!  I think it would be a charming addition to the stack of pillows on your bed and I don't care how old you are, cute is cute~

Monday, June 25, 2012

Charm Pack Giveaway

We're giving away 2 charm packs this week! 

Simply Color is the first collection from Vanessa Christenson for Moda.  It's bright, it's cheerful and not due until October. 
You can see the full collection here!
 Juggling Summer is the first collection from Brigitte Heitland for Moda.  It's very contemporary, very exciting and not due until October.  Check out the full collection here!

Want to be the first to have one of these must have charms?  Just comment on your fave and maybe what you would like to make with it and you'll be entered for a chance to win.  We'll hold the drawing Monday July 2nd.  Good Luck!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Christmas Fabric + Free Patterns!

Moda is makin' me crazy this year!  I fell in love with Blitzen as soon as it came in the door.  How could you not love this mixture of elegant paisleys, textures and adorable snowmen?  I love the addition of grey to Christmas fabric, really gives it a modern look!  Thanks BasicGrey for spicing up my Christmas stash~

Looking pretty on the shelf,  shop now!

 Precuts are available and if you notice, we've got mini charms for this one!  Grab a stack, we're going to do our first tutorial next week using these minis~

 Download the free pattern and you're all set!

Kate Spain is always on the list of must have for Christmas! These fun prints are sure to add Joy to your decorating and gift giving this year. Joy is a little more cutesy and perfect for those of us who might have grown up, but still love the fun stuff! I told my children last year that they will always have adorable wrapping paper no matter how old they get, they'll just have to accept that :o)

Love it?  The full collection is available and there are great panels with this collection that you just might have to have!

 Precuts, of course, and they make life so much easier!

 Download this simple, but effective pinwheel quilt pattern!

Last but certainly not least, who is stealing everyone's heart?  The Grinch!! 
 He's back this year and cute as ever!
How the Grinch Stole Christmas, snugly flannel, too, is available here!

And....don't forget to download your free pattern.

So, are you inspired?  Do you think you're ready to get started on your Christmas projects? 
Oh, and if these 3 collections didn't tickle your fancy, we've got so much more
As I mentioned earlier in the post,
we'll be doing our first tutorial next week featuring Blitzen Mini Charms.  You asked, we listened! 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Batik Market Bag Winners

Congratulations to Debbie & Nancy!  They won this week's drawing for the Timeless Treasures batik market bags.  I'll be posting cute projects and a new giveaway tomorrow, stay tuned!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

What's Hot???

Riley Blake's Chevron and Ombre Dot!!  The first run of Chevron was gone in days and now it's back!

 Chevrons are popping up everywhere, super trendy right now~

The Ombre Dots are a fantastic addition to this collection, they remind me of candy dots from the candy store.  Delicious!!

A rainbow of color just waiting for you to create something beautiful, get it here
while it's hot!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Giveaway Time!

  These batik market bags from Timeless Treasures are roomy and ready to be filled with fresh fruits and veggies! 
And...we're giving away 2! 

When you're not using it, the bag folds away neatly until next time!

So, want to win one?  Leave a comment telling us what you would like to see on our blog and you'll be entered in the drawing. 
One comment per person, please.  We'll do the drawing on Wednesday June, 20th using
and I'll announce the two lucky winners then.
Good luck and thanks for participating!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jennifer Jangles!

We fell in love with the Tussie Mussie collection from Jennifer Heynen aka Jennifer Jangles for In the Beginning.  We used her pattern The Happy Quilt, which teaches the awesome technique of prairie points in the binding.  It's super easy and really adds a lot to the quilt!  We met Jennifer at Market, she is the sweetest girl!  Everything you would expect her to be based on her fabric desgins~ 
Check out her blog, you'll love it!
The yellow dot isn't from the collection, but it was too cute not to use with it! 

There is a Jennifer Jangles handmade 1" ceramic button in the center of each of the 9 blocks .
  It covers the seams, if yours aren't perfect and really makes the quilt pop. 
9 button assortment available here, the 9th button is free!

 Tussie Mussie bag to match using the Lottie Dot Bag Pattern!

The owl and mermaid patterns are coming any day, you can see pics of them in her market booth on her blog.  Adorable~

Her Christmas collection Jolly Holiday just arrived, download the free pattern here and snatch this fabric up before it's too late!
Jennifer has always been one of my favorites, I want absolutely everything she designs.  Hope you love her, too!

We'll post our next giveaway tomorrow, so be on the lookout, you'll definitely want a chance to win!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

And the Winner is.......

Donna F from PA!  She loved the Sapphire quilt and she wins the Cuzco Charm!  Congratulations!! 
Be on the look out for our next giveaway, we've got lots of cute stuff that we think you need~

So, what do 200 pennies look like?  Beautiful!  Check out one of our favorite things, wool pennies!  Do you love wool and making penny rugs?  200 unique pennies are just waiting to be used in your next project~

Wool pennies and real pennies so you can get a feel for their size :o)
 Wool pennies, measuring 1 & 1-1/2", are hand dyed, felted and at least 90% wool.  You get a great variety of checks, plaids, stripes tweeds and solids!  Order yours today and get busy!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Rainy Day Fabric!

Thanks for all the great comments on the quilts, keep 'em coming!

It's a rainy spring day here in Waynesville, the perfect time to show, in my opinion, the best fabric in the world!  

Imagine a raincoat made out of this!?!  Or an umbrella?  Robert Kaufman does Slicker, a laminated fabric, I think I'll tell them that this one is a must! 

Donkeys in rain boots? How do people come up with such cute stuff?  Jack and Jenny is from super creative Laurie Wisbrun.  You have to go to her blog and see the cute pics of real donkeys with her fabric.....adorable~
I have tried repeatedly to convince my 11 year old daughter that she needs this fabric in her room.  She is a huge Green Bay fan and her walls are painted blue.  It is really meant to be!   She's not budging, so I just bought some for myself and have it in my bedroom.  It matches absolutely nothing, but I love it!  What would you do with it?