Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jennifer Jangles!

We fell in love with the Tussie Mussie collection from Jennifer Heynen aka Jennifer Jangles for In the Beginning.  We used her pattern The Happy Quilt, which teaches the awesome technique of prairie points in the binding.  It's super easy and really adds a lot to the quilt!  We met Jennifer at Market, she is the sweetest girl!  Everything you would expect her to be based on her fabric desgins~ 
Check out her blog, you'll love it!
The yellow dot isn't from the collection, but it was too cute not to use with it! 

There is a Jennifer Jangles handmade 1" ceramic button in the center of each of the 9 blocks .
  It covers the seams, if yours aren't perfect and really makes the quilt pop. 
9 button assortment available here, the 9th button is free!

 Tussie Mussie bag to match using the Lottie Dot Bag Pattern!

The owl and mermaid patterns are coming any day, you can see pics of them in her market booth on her blog.  Adorable~

Her Christmas collection Jolly Holiday just arrived, download the free pattern here and snatch this fabric up before it's too late!
Jennifer has always been one of my favorites, I want absolutely everything she designs.  Hope you love her, too!

We'll post our next giveaway tomorrow, so be on the lookout, you'll definitely want a chance to win!


  1. Oh I love that quilt -- the borders are very cool and the button in the center is perfect. I will have to come up and check this one out. Have a great day!

    1. Yep, you'll have to come, we've got it all featured right when you walk in the door. See you soon!!

  2. What a great post, I'm blushing. The Happy Quilt in that colorway is fabulous!
    Thanks again for the great post,
    Jennifer Jangles

    1. My pleasure! We've been huge fans since your first collection with In the Beginning ;o) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Love love love the quit. Would you consider making a kit for it?

    1. Absolutely! Give us a call at 877-666-4245 and we'll be happy to do this for you~