Friday, December 16, 2011

2 Really Cute, Really Quick Projects!

  Our shop was featured in Quilt magazine, how great is that??  Our blog was mentioned, so I figured I better get on that :o)
Life happens, need I say more?  It's nice to be able to blog today~

 Here are a couple of super easy projects to keep in mind for gifts, not just for Christmas but any time of year!

The Posy Pin Pie pin cushion is a super easy project!  You can make 2 using any charm pack of your choice, 2 buttons per pie, a strip of coordinating fabric, a scrap of wool and a bit of stuffing.  The finished size is 6in x 2-1/2in.

We made these using a Little Gatherings Charm Pack. Pretty cute, huh?

You can also make 1 using these great new wooly charms.  Each hand-dyed wool color is one recipe over-dyed on 5 different wools.  You can only make one pin cushion top using the wools squares, but thanks to cute packaging, you get the 2 buttons that you need.  We used coordinating fabric for the bottom since there isn't quite enough wool for it. 

  You can find tons of charm packs here, the pattern here and the wooly charms here.  Enjoy!

Okay, so this one is more Christmasy and I'm a little late for that, but it's never too late to get started for next year and all of our Christmas fabric will be on sale soon!  These adorable trees are made using the Cut A Round tool, perfect circles every time!  We just whipped up a few of the smaller ornaments and package tie ons, but you can use the larger slot on the Cut A Round Midi and make cocktail napkins.  You could make them out of any fabric and use them all winter, not just for Christmas.  Everything you need is here, pattern sheet, small rotary cutter and the Cut A Round tool.  These are really fun to make!

Cute on the tree!

Adorable on a package!

Super addictive!  Have a wonderful Holiday Season, enjoy each day and make it a homemade Christmas!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bethlehem Star

Looking to make a beautiful quilt and want more of a challenge?  Roberta pieced this quilt and it is just gorgeous!  The quilt features Mary's Blenders by Windham.  The collection has been a huge hit and that's not hard to believe since the colors are so bold!  I included a couple of pics below, the whole quilt and a close up so you can see the detail.  It's a pretty traditional quilt, but definitely has wide appeal~

The quilt measures 72" x 90".  If you want to take a look at the pattern, you can view and download it here.   If you decide you want to give it a try you can buy the kit here

Have a very safe and happy 4th of July!

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Just wanted to introduce Shackaroo, our new shop mascot!  A lovely customer from Australia made him for us.  We took pictures of him around the store and even tucked some mini charms in his pouch.  We love Shackaroo and all of our wonderful customers!

Hope you're enjoying the weekend and sewing something!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Benefit Quilt

On May 10th Sgt. Brian Dulle, a local Sheriff's Deputy, was killed in the line of duty.  There is a benefit scheduled for June 11th to raise money for the family and for Maddie's Hope.  Maddie's Hope is a non profit organization established in honor of Brian's daughter Maddie who was diagnosed with cancer at a very young age.  We wanted to do something to help and what else would we do?  Make a quilt!  It's been a real team effort!  I started piecing it Saturday, my mom (the store manager) is quilting it now and my grandma (the owner) is going to bind it Sunday.  It's due Monday, so we're bringing it down to the wire.  We hope that it will be a success at the fundraiser, the outpouring from the community for this benefit has been fantastic!  Below is picture in the layout stage, I'll update it once the quilt is complete. 

I wanted to post this to get the word out about the Dulle family and also to show what a great patriotic quilt it made.  The pattern is very forgiving and easy to make.  It would be absolutely perfect for Quilts of Valor.  The pattern is Lucky Stars by Atkinson Designs, the fabric is Tribute by P&B.  You can find both here.  I can honestly say it felt wonderful to make this quilt for such a good cause.  Make a quilt for a good cause, you'll be so glad you did!!!

Guess what!?!  The benefit was a HUGE success!  Guess who ended up with the highest bid on the quilt?  Fabric Shack :o)  If you pop into the store, you'll see it hanging here.  We're going to hang it for a while and then donate it to the Quilts of Valor project.  Thanks for all the great comments!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fabulous Quilts!

I'm back with two really cute quilts and (knock on wood) more to come!  Things seem to have settled down here for now~

Alright!  This first one is called Can You Spare a Dime?  It's a great batik quilt using Tonga Treat Squares - Hard Candy.  Super bright and super easy to make!   It uses batiks, but any layer cake or 10" squares would do the job.

I couldn't resist adding the pansies to the picture, they are just too pretty! 

The quilt measures 56" x 64" and takes just 2 packs of the Tonga Treat Squares.  Like it?  Click here to buy the pattern and squares, too!

This next one is called Fab Five - Fast, Fun and Flirty - Lotsa Dots. This one goes together really quick and with all of the different options in the book, there is something for everyone! We used Queen Street by Jennifer Paginelli. The book calls for raw edge applique, but we used the quick turn method. Either way, you'll end up with a Fast, Fun and Flirty Quilt!  The quilt measures 50" x 60".  You can buy the Queen Street fabric and the book here.   I couldn't resist the lovely pansies again :o)  If you want to see the pictures from the Fab Five Book, so you can see what you're getting, just click here!   As always, Happy Sewing!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Long time, no blog!!  I can't believe how crazy things have been, there just isn't enough time in the day.  One of my New Year's Resolutions is to blog more!  I'm starting off this year with a cute one named Fiona that I have a free project sheet for!  It's designed by Me and My Sister Designs for Moda.  I had fun making it, it's one of those buy it today, make it today projects. 
I love instant sewing gratification!

The quilt measures 38-1/2 x 42-1/2.  I used Wee Woodland by Keiki for Moda,
but as always we have a ton of charm packs to choose from.   

Check out the quilting, aren't the mushrooms too cute?

It's a super simple project and makes a very cute wall hanging or table topper.  I might make one for every season!
If you're interested in the free project sheet, drop me an email with the subject Free Project Sheet.  Just be sure to include your mailing address and I'll get one in the mail for you!  I'll be blogging again soon, we have a fabulous batik quilt hanging in the store.  If you love a good quilting challenge, you'll love this one!
Happy New Year!!