Friday, December 16, 2011

2 Really Cute, Really Quick Projects!

  Our shop was featured in Quilt magazine, how great is that??  Our blog was mentioned, so I figured I better get on that :o)
Life happens, need I say more?  It's nice to be able to blog today~

 Here are a couple of super easy projects to keep in mind for gifts, not just for Christmas but any time of year!

The Posy Pin Pie pin cushion is a super easy project!  You can make 2 using any charm pack of your choice, 2 buttons per pie, a strip of coordinating fabric, a scrap of wool and a bit of stuffing.  The finished size is 6in x 2-1/2in.

We made these using a Little Gatherings Charm Pack. Pretty cute, huh?

You can also make 1 using these great new wooly charms.  Each hand-dyed wool color is one recipe over-dyed on 5 different wools.  You can only make one pin cushion top using the wools squares, but thanks to cute packaging, you get the 2 buttons that you need.  We used coordinating fabric for the bottom since there isn't quite enough wool for it. 

  You can find tons of charm packs here, the pattern here and the wooly charms here.  Enjoy!

Okay, so this one is more Christmasy and I'm a little late for that, but it's never too late to get started for next year and all of our Christmas fabric will be on sale soon!  These adorable trees are made using the Cut A Round tool, perfect circles every time!  We just whipped up a few of the smaller ornaments and package tie ons, but you can use the larger slot on the Cut A Round Midi and make cocktail napkins.  You could make them out of any fabric and use them all winter, not just for Christmas.  Everything you need is here, pattern sheet, small rotary cutter and the Cut A Round tool.  These are really fun to make!

Cute on the tree!

Adorable on a package!

Super addictive!  Have a wonderful Holiday Season, enjoy each day and make it a homemade Christmas!


  1. That pin cushion would be brilliant for machine needles. Just write the name and size of the needle on each segment, then when you change needles for a different task, you know the ones in the cushion aren't dead ones, just partially used.

  2. Thank you for the fabric!
    Obtained very good product!