Friday, July 13, 2012

Night Shade!

Looking for something a little different this Halloween?  Night Shade by Tula Pink is going to be just the thing!  Purple, Green, and Teal....Halloween colors?  Umm...yes!!  These girls are elegant,  eeire and fantastic all at the same time!

Go out and grab some black frames, (doesn't have to be anything fancy, I found these at Target) and frame your girls.  It only takes a second and your Halloween party will have something that no one else's has :o)  You could even add a little glitter to make them really sparkle!

Can't you see them lined up on the mantel?

Take that Martha Stewart!  I love her elegant Halloween ideas and this falls right in with that~  In fact, I hope Martha discovers Tula, I'd love to see what she would come up with. 

Tula is always going to give us something unique and fun, she's got that crazy, funky style that I love~  The full collection of Night Shade is available here.  I don't think these girls are going to be around long, so don't delay~ 

Do a rain dance for us here in Ohio, we desperately need it and have a sewing weekend!


  1. That looks like a fun and easy idea to decorate the walls going up the entry stairway.


  2. Very nice for Halloween!
    I'd love to sent you some rain. Here in Holland it rains for almost a week now.
    Have fun at the sewing weekend.

  3. They look fabulous! Will you be stocking Tula's latest line as well as Nightshade?

    1. It just came in today! You can find it
      here. I simply adore it, those squirrels are too much!