Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Modern Asterisk Quilt

Yes, we did it, too!  The Modern Asterisk Quilt was just too irresistible, we had to have it hanging in our shop.  Here it is, fresh from the quilter!

Our quilter, who we trust with all of our quilts, chose wavy lines to finish off this trendy quilt.  Here's a close up, you can see the lines are spaced kind of randomly.  This is a fun one and is really stunning in person.  If you live close, stop in a take a peek!

Paper piecing might seem scary, but these instructions are easy to follow and fun, too! 
Main Street Market designs did a great job.  The pattern, fabric or kits are available here.  

Tomorrow I'm going to sneak and show my Ohio State Quilt that I made for my husband since I think the very last thing he would look at before Christmas is a fabric blog.

Have a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year!


  1. Such a great quilt - so bright and cheery!

  2. what a fun looking quilt. looks like snowflakes.