Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Kitty Condo!

Most of us quilters love cats and even if you don't, you know someone who does, so how about a Kitty Condo?  They are quick and easy to make and it's a perfect gift.

Emma made this condo, that's Peanut Butter enjoying his new hangout, so cute!

It has little ribbon tassels, so it's more than just a napping place.

 Both sides have a screen, so it's well ventilated.  Kitty can hang out it here all day!

As far as fabric goes, you just need 2-3/8 yards of the main print and a fat 1/4 of contrast fabric.
You can order the pattern here and then pick some great fabric!

I almost forgot to add another fabric suggestion!?!  Smudgy is so adorable and would be perfect  for the condo in either of the colorways; pink for the girls,
red, gray and black for all the Buckeye fans. 
Shop the collection here.

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