Friday, June 27, 2014

Most Loved Quilt?

Do you have an extremely loved quilt?  I might venture to say that mine is the most loved ever.  
It's falling apart and no, I don't want it fixed!  She's perfect just the way she is~

 My mom made this quilt for me when I was 8 years old in 1987.  The store had been open a few years and she was learning to quilt.  She finished the top and a fellow quilter took it to a church where the ladies hand quilted it and charged by the spool.  It is so soft an yummy now, even with half the fabric missing from the top.

My husband, kids and even dogs have all enjoyed this quilt.  Check out that binding, good thing it was double binding or it would be totally gone!

So can you beat me??  Send your pics and story to  If you can beat me, I'll post the pics and send you a healthy bundle of fat quarters!

And the winner is.....Celeste!  Below is her lovely story and a pic of the quilt.

Grandma's Baby Quilt

When my grandmother Jacqueline Ethel Ambler was born in 1930 my great great grandmother Haywood made her a quilt.  She embroidered 12 animals and stitched the quilt together.  On the quilt are embroidered my grandma Jackie's initials J E A and crazy quilting stitches around each animal. 

My great grandmother Margie used the quilt for my grandma and when gma Jackie had my mother in 1948 she began using the quilt for her 5 children.  It has been loved to pieces over the years.  The binding has been covered and replaced, but all else is original. 

Before grandma passed away, she gave me this quilt and I only hope I can love it as much as she did.

Congratulations, Celeste!  Thanks to everyone for the pics, have a great day!

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