Thursday, August 2, 2012

Apple of my Eye

This lovely fabric by The Quilted Fish for Riley Blake has been out for a while, I'm just a little late on this post. 
However, I have decided it could never be too late for something this cute! 
The Apple Of My Eye Collection was one of my favorites from the beginning and we saw this quilt made up at market.  They used the red for the border, but we switched out to the pink.  This quilt just might be my all time fave~

The finished size is 54" x 59", perfect wall hanging size.  And the ruffled apples?  Oh my goodness!



and more Ruffles!  They remind me of the little ruffled bottoms you put on a little girl under a dress. 
Maybe that's why I love it so much.  Two of the girls that used to work here were in a couple of weeks ago and
they thought it would be a great gift for a teacher.  We agree!  If you start now, you'll definitely have that ready for a very special teacher by the end of the school year :o)


  1. That is really fun and clever.


  2. That is a really cute quilt! Could see kids just loving the texture of the ruffles too!